Saturday, June 2, 2012

Long Time No See

Well, well, well, I know what you're thinking "now why don't she write?" lol. Let me first apologize for not checking-in the last few months. Then, let me just say that this has been the craziest year I can remember (and I don't necessarily mean that in a good way).

Since we last talked, I worked a lot in April, we had an acquaintance of ours, aka the moron, and her teen daughter stay with us for about a month (what was suppose to be two weeks turned into four...pretty much the last half of April and first half of May. I was so not surprised either), my daddy finally got back to work after his motorcycle accident, I fell in love and one of my best girl friends got married! Holly cow that was a long sentence.

Ok, so lets brake it down a little (I will try to keep this short and sweet):

The Moron; This is a really long story, I'm sure I will get to it at some point but at the moment I will just say THANK GOD THAT BITCH IS OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!!! However, her daughter, "Sunshine", was a true joy to get to know and I will miss her!

Ok moving on, Daddy; I know I didn't mention much about this earlier but my daddy was in a motorcycle accident at the first of the year, he walked away from it with what seemed like very little injury. Of course the next few days he started to notice more and more that hurt, and since the ER they took him to did a half ass job of checking him over (a 50something year old man on a motorcycle gets hit by a truck and flies over the hood and you take him at his word that "he's ok"...more morons!) he had to go back. Anyway, another long story short, he had to have surgery on his hand and was unable to work for about three months. Now I love my daddy, and I'm very grateful that he was not hurt more than he was. However, having him sitting around the house with nothing to do but worry about money for three months is just not fun for anyone. Thankfully he has since gone back to work, hand is doing just fine and we are all happier now! lol

I fell in love; wow, well this is a biggy...I will post separately about this in a little bit, there is a lot I want to share.

My best friend's wedding; Dottie, one of my best friends, finally got married the the other day. She was stunning! And though I'm not a big fan of marriage, I think these two actually have a chance...cause if he hasn't left her yet, he'll stick through anything! lol. But for real, love to you both and congrats!

So I think we're kind of all caught up now. But don't worry, I will fill in more juicy details later. At the moment I was just wanting to get back here and touch base. I hope all is well with all of you and I'll be back soon :)

Oh and P.S. I might be moving to Savannah, GA!

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