Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dragons, Tattoos, and Murders Oh My!

I went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo the other day, and loved it! It wasn't quite what I was expecting but then I knew nothing about the storyline other than what little I got from the previews. I did however know that it is also a book...though since I don't read very much for "fun", I of course haven't read it.

Ok, so here's what I thought of the movie: SPOILER ALERT!

First things first, I LOVED the opening sequence! It totally gave me a 007 feel but better! Over all, I thought it was a great movie; the cinematography was a little strange sometimes and the jumping back and forth from him to her made it a little hard to keep up with, but all in all I thought it worked well for this movie. I thought the cast was phenomenal; I already love Danial Craig and most of the supporting cast but this girl, Rooney Mara, was amazing! And her character really spoke to me...I think that's much more how I would have turned out had my parents not been so grounded.

Now to the storyline; I did very much enjoy the story, it was very real, and as a general rule I like that in a movie. I get tired of the happily ever afters after awhile, I like to see something that makes me think 'yup, that's how it would really happen'. As I said, it was a little hard to follow from time to time but I was able to keep up. Not knowing what to expect, I liked the story of all the characters and how they all come together. I thought the story of the murders/murderers was good and, yet again, very true to life. And I loved the twist towards the end with the girl that was supposed to be murdered...though I did kinda see it coming after he met with her the first time.

I was happy with the fact that they didn't go overkill on the gore, I think some is good to get the point across but I don't need to know what every inch of your insides looks like. I was however a little surprised at the rape scene, even though I was expecting it I guess I just wasn't expecting to see it. However, as one from a...tainted past, it was very true to life for me. I liked seeing how it combines with everything else to make her who and how she is. Also, I have to say, it was all I could do to keep from jumping up and clapping when she tied that bastard up and shoved the dildo in his ass! Not to mention his new tattoo!

And the end, ah the left me saying "now that's how it would really happen!"

I do have to add this little note however, in talking with one of my girl friends who reads a lot, apparently this story comes from a young adult book...GASP! Ok, maybe I'm a little old fashioned, but I have to say with the level of profanity, nudity, and general subject matter I was sad to hear that this book/movie was meant for a 20something crowd! My friend (who is 25 herself) did explain to me that that was young adult not youth, and that apparently rape, profanity, gore and all is somewhat typical of a young adult book. Gasp once again... That just makes me kinda sad, a 20ish person should know about how the real world is but they don't need it like that. The reason I like it so much is because, though I haven't had it as bad as Lizbeth, I have been around this world more than someone my age should have been and I'm a realist, so I see a lot of not only myself but my life in a movie like this.

Needless to say, this is one that I will be buying as soon as I can. 

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