Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Salvador Dali

So Lee and I went to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg was very interesting. I had of course seen some of his work before and found the style to be interesting if nothing else, but obviously the man had talent regardless of whether you like his style or not.

We got there a little late so we only had about 2 hours to look around before they closed. We did get there in time for the last docent tour of the day (an hour long tour) so we decided to do it. The lady conducting the tour was very nice and pretty funny, and not to be mean, but I think maybe just a little too old to still be doing it; she seemed to have some memory problems from time to time. It was very interesting learning about the man and his ideas and meanings behind his art. However, the more I learned about all that the less and less I like both. I have to say, I think I would have enjoyed the museum more had I not known all the things the docent told us. 

Now let me just say once again, I do still think the man had great talent as an artist. However, I think a lot of his work is just straight up too busy; meaning I think (now knowing what all the different things in his art meant) that he had too many ideas and concepts that don't flow well together in one painting. When I look at art, I want to see somewhat of a coherent thought in it. Not that there can't be a lot of pieces to it, I just want to stay on the same train of thought through the piece as a whole. I think had I been able to look at his art and interpret it as I saw it, not as he meant it, I would have like it much better. Because not only is his work too busy, what with combining all his thoughts, interests and passions into one piece of art, I also do not agree with most of his ideals which is what his art represents. Of course I think he is entitled to think and believe anything he wants, I just found his art less appealing knowing what he meant it to be.

Anyway, I am glad that I went, and that I did the docent tour. I just wasn't as happy with it as I was hopping I'd be. But on the other hand, Lee liked it very much and enjoyed the tour and learning the details about the art. Needless to say we tend to have quite different tastes when it comes to this kind of art. 

Next up on our list to do is The Museum of Fine Arts' Ancient Egypt exhibit. Having a life-long love affair with Ancient Egypt this is something that I truly cannot wait to see!  

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