Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Natives Were Restless

The Sarasota Native American Indian Festival was last weekend, and of course it was great. I truly love going every year, I look forward to it for months before its finally here. 

My choker
The highlight of the day was getting to meet the lady, Venus Brightstar, who had made my choker and bracelet some 15 years ago. The back-story; my daddy and I use to go to festivals, fairs, and shows all the time when I was younger. With my Cherokee heritage I especially liked going to the Native American shows. At one show we went to my daddy bought me a choker and a matching bracelet, beautifully crafted and completely my style! I still have them to this day. I wear them, if no other time, every year to the festival here. So back to the present; of course it was much to long ago for me to remember anything about the person we bought the choker from (I don't even remember what happened last week lol), but apparently some people have a much better memory then I. The moment I walked by this lady's booth she looked at me and asked me a question about my choker, when I answered she proceeded to ask me a few more questions (like when I got it, etc.). When I told her where I got it and how long ago, she told me that that was one of hers. After that we got to talking and looking at the items she had in her booth, and sure enough, it was the same maker! And it just so happened that this was her last show, she is getting out of the jewelry game and moving on to other things. What a cool coincidence to run into here after all these years at her last show. Anyway, to make a really long story a little shorter, I had fun talking with her. I wanted to get another item from her...unfortunately I'm a broke ass right now so I couldn't afford anything, even with the gracious discounts she offered. But it was still a great experience!

Little Big Mountain
The downside of the day, as expected, was the mixture of Lee and I. Lee and I are much to similar at times, we are both pessimistic, get cranky when we get tired or hungry, these among other things. So when Lee comes down after he gets off work (3rd shift) needless to say he is already starting to get tired. He got to our house about 9am that day, we had a nice breakfast that momma made and then went to the festival. Well, it didn't take too long before it was obvious that he was getting tired. Not to bash on the man too much I'll just say we started to but heads. So we miss seeing Little Big Mountain's presentation, which I really wanted to see again this year (and thought that Lee would like to see as well). Then, right before I meet the lady I was just talking about, he wonders off. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after I leave the next booth I go looking for him...apparently he decided to start walking back home, as I see when I can't find him and finally take out my phone to call him, and he had sent me a! The idiot is lucky I like him so much cause I don't put up with that bullshit for just anyone. I call him at this point and we talk for a few minutes, luckily he hadn't gotten too far so he came back and we finished looking around.

This was definitely not the best day, but I am glad I got to the festival this year and that Lee and I were able, yet again, to work through issues that arose. Ugh...I really hate drama.

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