Thursday, December 22, 2011

Its The Holiday Season!

So Christmas is almost here...yay! Its finally sinking in that this Sunday...3 days from now is Christmas day. I've been so overwhelmed with other life things and getting ready for Christmas that Christmas has snuck up on me. 

I'm a little sad that I didn't have the money this year to get anybody much of anything, but knowing me I'll make it up to everyone throughout the coming year. I have already received most of my gifts...I tend to get my presents months before the occasion (I will post pics soon). But more than opening any presents on Christmas morning I am looking forward to seeing my brother! He will be driving down from Georgia on Christmas morning to be here in time for dinner that afternoon. I must say, I love my whole family but Christmas isn't Christmas without my big bro! We were very close growing up, being only a year apart, and though we have had our problems he is still the coolest, kindest, most fun person I know. :)

It has been a busy season, but a good one. Aside from being so sick for so long, I have really had a good couple of months; I have gotten to spend time with family and friends, do lots of fun things like Disney and museums, and have been in a very creative spirit! Though I have been broke I have had lots of good times and good ideas for jewelry and all sorts of arts and crafts that I'm into, and I hope to be able to bring those ideas to life after the new year when the money starts rolling...make that trickling in again lol.

Have a safe and very Merry Christmas!!!

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