Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Guess Size Really Does Matter...Bra Size That Is

There is nothing like feeling good in your own skin, or in this case your own clothes!

Ok so here's the story: I went shopping with my sister the other day (she is in town for the holiday), we went to the mall for several reasons but mainly because she had some coupons for Victoria's Secret that she was sharing with me.

To give you a little back-story, I have been trying to find a bra that fit me and that I liked for at least a year now, nothing I was finding (even at Victoria's Secret) was working.

So we go into Victoria's Secret and the lady comes up to us asking if we need any help, we show her our coupons, one of which was for $10 off a bra...well since I was in desperate need of a good bra and since the lady asked if we needed to be sized, oh yes, SIZED, I said yes please! I couldn't remember the last time I was sized for a bra so I jumped on it!

Let me tell you this lady was amazing! She sized me, told me how to tell if a bra really fits right, got me a couple great bras to try on so I could see what she was saying and then even came into the fitting room with me to show me more about how the straps should be, how it should fit around the sides, etc. After all that I tell her what style of bra I like and she goes out and gets me some like that to try on.

At this point I am trying on a couple different bras, in my correct size, to see what I like. I really liked one of them so I put my shirt back on while wearing that bra...I cannot tell you what a difference it made in the way I looked and felt in that shirt (one of my favorite shirts by the way, I look hot in it)!

Apparently I had been wearing bras that were two cup sizes too small because that was what I remembered from my last fitting. No wonder I was having such trouble with my bras...duh!

Needless to say I feel like a new woman now! I mean you know what a wonderful feeling it is to find that great pair of pants or a shirt that just makes you look like a star but let me tell you, it is a far better feeling to have a great fitting bra or panties. It really does make a world of difference not only in the way you look but also in the way you feel about yourself, inside and out! The only problem now is trying to find a sexy, inexpensive bra in my size hahaha.

The moral of this story: Ladies, if you haven't done so recently go to Victoria's Secret and get sized for your bra, its free and no purchase required. And keep in mind that that is something you should do on a regular basis because our bodies are constantly changing.

I am so overly ecstatic now because of my new bra and the pair of, yes, great fitting jeans I just bought! I have to say, going out every once in a while and, in a sense, reinventing yourself with new clothes is a great thing and I would highly recommend it for everyone (even the guys)! They don't even have to be expensive clothes, just something new and fun!

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