Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A No-Go

A long and very difficult time of trying to decide whether I should still go to California today or not, but I decided that I should stay home. I'm very upset, I really wanted to take this trip; I was going to be flying both ways with my cousin Grace, get to spend a weekend with my niece and nephew and have a week to visit with my sister and my cousin. But alas I had to listen to my gut which said I should not go, I don't know why I felt that way but my gut is usually right...for whatever reason.

So I've been trying to just take is easy today, rest up and try to get better. With any luck I will be feeling better by the first of next week and can still go to California for a little bit.

The good news is I am feeling a little better today; the medication that I got yesterday really seems to be helping me breathe and calm my cough. My chest still hurts but the muscle relaxer from the health food store is helping ease the pressure and the pain a good bit. And now I guess I have time to catch up on some movie watching and maybe some scrapbooking.

Now if I can just get over being so upset about not going...

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